Restaurant Lokanda Peskarija - Dubrovnik Old Town

Restaurant Lokanda Peskarija consist of two parts:

Indoors that is usually in function during cold winter days and during rain season. There are only thirty seats, which are discreetly hidden on the top floor of the restaurant, above the bar and the kitchen. This part of the restaurant is decorated with a lot of wooden details and it is an oasis of peace and calm in usually very busy and noisy city.

Outdoors, terrace, is the main part of the restaurant from the first sunny days of spring till the autumn rains. There are more than 400 seats on the terrace and the whole army of busy waiters in specific blue and white striped t-shirts running around and serving customers. It is not rare that in summer season you can see a long queue of patient visitors waiting for their chance to try and enjoy cuisine and the atmosphere of this special place.

Design by: Xmedia Dubrovnik